Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

bon sucrée

A software engineer establishes a start-up that focuses on chocolate, not computers

Published 5 June, 2022

Raphio Chocolate

Chocolate maker that stretched our definition of SFBA chocolate

Published 7 May, 2022

MoJo Bakes! SF

Toffees that get their crunch from sesame seeds, coffee grounds, and sea salt

Published 6 May, 2022

Ór Dubh Chocolates

Adventures in chocolate, whether sampling single origins or trying made-for-you bonbons

Published 12 April, 2022

R & J Toffee

A chocolate treat with a long shelf life

Published 10 February, 2022

Kindred Caramels

Formerly Kindred Cooks, Kindred Caramels make traditional soft caramels in an amazing variety of flavors

Published 10 February, 2022

Celine’s Sweets

Imported candies and some SFBA chocolate in Novato

Published 10 February, 2022