Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area


Outstanding local chocolatiers

When we chocolateers (chocolate cheerleaders) at CBTB discover outstanding local chocolatiers, we like to recognize them and tell everybody about them. As a five-member group, we periodically get together and award “cups” to chocolatiers who make chocolates we think people will love. Chocolatiers who rate 3 or more cups by CBTB are denoted by 3-5 cup chocolatier next to their names in our blog.

3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier

Socola Chocolatier

Socola makes a wide range of truffles, bars, and confections, many using Asian flavors. We especially like their big eye-catching bars liberally studded with whole nuts, freeze dried fruits, and other inclusions. They have a knack for incorporating non-traditional flavors and making them work, such as their durian and sriracha truffles. And don’t miss out on anything they make with matcha.

Online, at their factory store at 535 Folsom St. in SF, and at special events.

Kollar Chocolates

High quality chocolate with locally sourced (as much as possible) ingredients handmade into little gems. Also barks, bars, and special seasonal items. Stand-outs include Fennel Pollen, Passion Fruit, Lavender, and Sunflower Seed Praline.

Online and at their store, 6525 Washington St., Yountville (Napa Valley).

Coco Tutti

Hand-made, hand-decorated bonbons, truffles and liquid caramels. Check their website for events and locations where you can buy them.

You can’t miss with any of the flavors, but if available, try the Fig & Walnut and Peanut Butter Cups.

Online, in some local stores, and at special events.

Recchiuti Confections

We like everything we’ve ever tasted by Recchiuti. From truffles to dipped fruits to baked goods — whatever they are selling, we’re buying.

One Ferry Building: Shop #30, online, and at many specialty food stores in CA and across the US.

Truffles from XOX

XOX Truffles

Classic hand-shaped truffles in a variety of flavors.

In-store only, 754 Columbus Ave., San Francisco.

3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier

Timothy Adams Chocolates

Hand-made truffles, caramels, barks and dipped fruits from a former farm-to-table chef. Selection changes from day to day, but highlights include truffles made with locally-sourced spirits, crunchy nut praline truffles, and unusual ingredients like quince. They also offer workshops.

Online and in-store, 539 Bryant St., Palo Alto (SF Peninsula).


3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier

Michael’s Chocolates

Beautiful, shiny hand-made truffles and caramels, plus bars and dragees. Truffle collections change seasonally, and they have the best salted almond chocolate bars around.

Online, in-store (3352 Grand Ave., Oakland), at special events, and in some local SFBA stores.