Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

White chocolate experts

I’m not trying to butter anyone up but some of this year’s white chocolate competitors were lapping the field

Published 6 June, 2024

Toffee talk

Is bigger better? This year’s toffee competition had me pulling out a ruler

Published 5 June, 2024

That’s different

Try these caramels described by their makers as “for a different experience from the traditional” and “caramel like you’ve never experienced it before”

Published 8 February, 2024


How to make hot chocolate taste even better

Published 31 January, 2024

Good and plenty

So many good entries in this year’s caramel competition

Published 28 December, 2023

Bonbon anniversaire!

Time flies when you’re having fun — it’s been 2 years already since Michael’s Chocolates took over the other-chocolatier-named-Michael’s Oakland space and lots has been happening there since

Published 20 December, 2023

Blue bird of happiness

Now that Twitter is no more — having been literally X-ed out by its owner — its iconic blue bird has disappeared too. Luckily there’s another blue bird out there that will attract your interest —if your interests include chocolate.

Published 29 November, 2023

The Out of Towners, Fall 2023 edition

This blog focuses on SFBA chocolate, but we like to review chocolate from other places too. We compile single worth-a-mention-bar reviews into articles for our recurring “Out of Towners” series

Published 7 November, 2023

Block o’ choc

Walk around a world of chocolate in half a mile or less

Published 30 October, 2023

Vegan converts

To be a vegan is a big commitment to a mindful way of eating. So what does it mean when a big company switches its entire product line to only vegan chocolate?

Published 12 September, 2023

Tea time @ Jade

Make reservations for a unique fun experience in an iconic SF location

Published 20 June, 2023