Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Green Panda Eats

Inspired by her grandmother’s love of cookies, a corporate banker found a new career

Published 12 April, 2024

The New SFBA Chocolate Scene

Something good happened in the last 5 years in the local chocolate scene — lots more places to buy and enjoy great chocolate

Published 10 April, 2024

Minée Chocolate

Small batch bean to bar chocolate & coffee roaster in one

Published 1 April, 2024

SOMA stroll

If you’re anything like me you believe chocolate is always a good reason for a walk

Published 27 March, 2024

Pieces of Heaven

Lots of chocolate options packed into this mom and pop shop

Published 20 March, 2024

That’s different

Try these caramels described by their makers as “for a different experience from the traditional” and “caramel like you’ve never experienced it before”

Published 8 February, 2024

Good and plenty

So many good entries in this year’s caramel competition

Published 28 December, 2023