Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area


Chocolate by the Bay (or CBTB for short) was started in 2009 by 4 friends who share a common love of good chocolate. We have since expanded to 5 members. We focus on local artisan chocolate in the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) for this blog with the aim of promoting quality chocolate and its makers.

We also write about local artisan chocolatiers we discover in our travels, plus any chocolate news that catches our interest.

Chocolateers by the Bay

We call ourselves “chocolateers.” As opposed to chocolatiers (the people who make the good stuff), chocolateers are chocolate enthusiasts with no particular expertise in chocolate other than lots of experience eating it.

Nobody pays us to review their chocolate, although sometimes people give us samples or a discounted price on our purchases. Chocolatiers or specific chocolates mentioned on our Recommended page are listed there because we CBTB chocolateers agreed they were extra special. There are also denoted in articles by the candy cup icon 3-5 cup chocolatier.

We welcome you to join our merry band: Discover interesting chocolate on our site, then try it for yourself and share it with your friends!