Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Best bars of 2022

Not drinking establishments, but there was a lot of fermentation in the entries

Published 27 June, 2022

No drama competition

A competition I used to dread has become comfortable, even enjoyable

Published 16 June, 2022

Wild, weird, wonderful

A chocolate company with a serious wow factor with a side of big fun

Published 1 April, 2022

Birds of a feather

🎶 If you think all chocolate tastes the same, Hummingbird is gonna change your mind 

Published 21 February, 2022

The Milky Way

Where we journey to the lighter side of chocolate

Published 17 February, 2022

Love + Chocolate

Rebranded in 2017, this shop still imports a large range of Leonidas Belgian chocolates

Published 8 February, 2022


Swiss chocolate with French champagne

Published 8 February, 2022

Chirping chocolate

There were bugs in my chocolate, and I wasn’t mad about it

Published 18 December, 2021

Sweets extravaganza

When I can travel freely again, a trip to NYC will be high on my list

Published 2 November, 2021