Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Kollar Fennel

Kollar Chocolates

Biggest “chocolate bar” in the world hangs on their wall

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V Marketplace
Kollar Chocolates is located in V Marketplace to your right after you enter through the wine bottle topiary

6525 Washington St, Yountville

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Kollar Interior

Biggest chocolate bar in the world

Local ChocolatierFactory StoreOpened in 2011, Kollar Chocolates4-cup chocolatier is centrally located in Yountvillle at V Marketplace. They sell truffles, barks, and other chocolate confections online and at their European-inspired shop. They also sell espresso drinks and gelato at the shop. And you can watch them making chocolates in their glassed-in open kitchen.

CBTB tip

Kollar is one of our recommended chocolatiers. Try their more adventuresome chocolates.

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Published 15 July, 2019