Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Founded by architect & baker Elyce Zahn in 2010, CocoTutti makes truffles, bars and more from scratch.

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100 North Hill Dr., Unit 15, Brisbane

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Everything from scratch

Local ChocolatierFactory StoreConfectioner iconFounded by architect & baker Elyce Zahn in 2010, CocoTutti makes bonbons, bars and more from scratch. If a truffle flavor would be best created with jam, she makes the jam. If it needs a nut-butter, she makes the nut-butter. Her chocolates are intensely flavorful, and beautiful too – she decorates them by hand, including painting each piece of her CocoQuintet bars.

CocoTutti bar
CocoTutti proves that both the front and the back of a bar can be beautiful.

She is a 5-cup CBTB recommended chocolatier. 4 cup chocolatier

We like everything we’ve ever tried from CocoTutti, and Elyce is always experimenting and bringing out new flavors. Oldies-but-goodies include Blood Orange Caramel, Fig & Walnut, and Peanut Butter Cups or Bars.

You can find her chocolates online, locally in some stores, and at events around the area and beyond. You can also visit her kitchen, Mondays–Fridays, or by appointment, but contact them first to see when they will be open.

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Published 23 November, 2016