Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Socola Chocolatier

Visit Socola for fun and tasty treats, many with an Asian flair

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Socola storefront 2024

535 Folsom St., SOMA, San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco DIY Tour

South Asian Fun

Confectioner iconFactory StoreLocal Chocolatier Socola Chocolatier 3-5 cup chocolatier was started in 2001 by sisters Wendy and Susan Lieu, when they were both still teenagers. This location opened just in time for Valentine’s Day, 2014, and originally featured a café. COVID caused the café’s closure in 2020, but the factory store remains open.

Socola means chocolate in Vietnamese, and Socola chocolates exhibit a unique south Asian twist (Sriracha sauce, durian, tamarind, passion fruit, Vietnamese coffee) plus Wendy and Susan’s sense of humor that you can see in their mascot (Harriet the flying alpaca), the silly names of some of their chocolates (Give it to me Guava, Burnt Baby Burnt), and their marketing.

Socola chocolates are available at their factory store, online, and at special events. They also offer subscriptions: Socola Insiders Club members get a monthly box of Socola treats including preview items not yet available publicly.

Other Socola location:

  • Coming August 2024: SFO Terminal 3

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Published 19 March, 2014