Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Cacao’s Meow Artisan Chocolate – closed

Flavored single-origin bean-to-bar maker

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Petaluma, CA

Low sugar flavored bean-to-barbean to bar

UPDATE August 2023: It appears that Cacao’s Meow has closed.

Cacao’s Meow, founded in 2019 by Randal and Carolyn Collen, makes bean-to-bar chocolate from organic single-origin Forastero beans from the Bahia region of Brazil.

Some of Cacao Meow’s flavored bars
Some of Cacao Meow’s flavored bars

Cacao’s Meow bars are unique in that they are low sugar, but taste sweeter than you would expect for 80% cacao bars. They are not no-sugar: they use a combination of organic coconut sugar and organic cane sugar, plus a small amount of monk fruit extract to enhance the sweetness so their 80% tastes more like a 70% cacao bar.

Their bars also come in a variety of interesting flavor combinations, such as fig & sea salt, apricot ginger pecan, and lemon mulberry.

Cacao’s Meow currently sells their bars online and in over 40 SFBA stores, such as Oliver’s Market, Andronico’s, and Rainbow Grocery in SF. Visit their website for more information.

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If you want to try a variety of their flavors, they offer a discount on online orders of 6 or more bars.

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Published 23 November, 2021