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Local artisan chocolates get national exposure

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This morning as I read the Sunday paper, I saw a gift suggestion in USA Weekend that looked familiar. And while the blurb credited a new company, Gift A Feast, I recognized the chocolates pictured as one of CBTB’s Recommended Chocolatiers’ handiwork: Cocotutti4-cup chocolatier.

I'd recognize CocoTutti's bonbons anywhere — even in a national news magazine.
I’d recognize Cocotutti’s bonbons anywhere — even in a national news magazine.

Cocotutti is one of several local artisan chocolatiers and candy makers who are working with Gift A Feast this year. Others featured in gift packages on Gift A Feast’s site include Jade Chocolates, Neo Cocoa, Socola Chocolatier and Toffee Talk.

Congrats to Cocotutti for the national exposure. And check out their new website: You can now order Cocotutti’s intense flavors online.

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Published December 1, 2013