Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area


NeoCocoa makes pavés (truffles without shells) and chocolate confections

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Neo Cocoa

Belmont, CA

SF Peninsula DIY Tour

Naked truffles & chocolate confections

Local ChocolatierConfectioner iconNeoCocoa makes pavés, truffles without shells, which makes for a more immediate chocolate experience when you put one in your mouth. They are reminiscent of French hand-rolled truffles, but these are little squares stacked with additional flavors like Marshmallow Espresso and Zested Lime. They also make a range of interesting confections, including Black Sesame Seed Brittle, Roasted Pistachio Bark, and chocolate covered marshmallows and honeycomb.

They don’t have their own retail space, but you can buy their truffles online and find them at many local retail establishments. Check their website for current locations

Neo Cocoa Single
Spill-proof mochas by NeoCocoa.

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Published 19 March, 2014