Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Inspired by her grandmother’s love of cookies, a corporate banker found a new career

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3155 Henderson Dr, Richmond

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Green Panda Eats was started in 2022 by Carmen Wong, a corporate banker turned cookie maker. She has developed recipes for over 150 different cookies — many featuring unique ingredient combinations like Ube+ Oreo Cookie, Black Sesame Dates, and Pandan Coconut Butterscotch. Another big feature of her recipes is that they are less sweet than traditional cookie recipes.

Flavors offered change monthly and are made in limited amounts. Green Panda Eats also offers custom printed iced sugar cookies which can also be made in custom shapes.

Green Panda Eats cookies are available online and at popups and special events. Check their Instagram for where they will be next.

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Published 12 April, 2024

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