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Be Adventurous Mint Chocolate Toothpaste

For adults only


Finally, somebody got chocolate toothpaste right, but it’s not suitable for children.

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UPDATE 2015: Sadly Crest is no longer selling Be.

Finally, somebody got chocolate toothpaste right, and it’s my old nemesis, Crest.

Crest’s new line of flavored toothpastes, Be, is so good, you’d better lock your medicine cabinet if you have small children, or else they will be eating it out of the tube.

Be Adventurous Mint Chocolate Toothpaste
Be Adventurous Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste

I grew up on Crest toothpaste and hated the taste. But my parents were convinced it was the best toothpaste out there. Anything that tasted better, like Colgate, simply couldn’t be doing the job right. And don’t get my mother started on Ultra Brite, whose commercials promised you’d be “sex-appealing” if you brushed with their paste.

This ain’t your mother’s toothpaste

Those yucky days are gone if you switch to Crest’s new Be line. There are 3 flavors, but I’ve only tried the chocolate one (for obvious reasons).

It looks like a miniature scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream on your toothbrush with tiny brown speckles in the light green paste. And it smells and tastes passibly like mint chocolate — Cacaopod described it as “brushing your teeth with an Andes mint.”

Be here now

We figure the flavor is a pretty good strategy to get people to brush their teeth for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes. As you savor the chocolate mint flavor, you might be inspired to do a better job of brushing your teeth. I know I took my time, and my teeth felt smoother after using Be the first time.

But like I warned before, it’s probably not the best toothpaste for kids. The temptation to eat it instead of just brush with it might be too great. And ingesting fluoride toothpaste is never a good idea. Keep this one for the grown-ups.

Be is better

This chocolate toothpaste is altogether a better experience than the other chocolate toothpaste I’ve tried: Theodent, which is made from chocolate (theobromide, to be exact) but doesn’t taste like chocolate.

How Be Adventurous™ is better than Theodent:

  • It tastes like you’d expect/hope chocolate toothpaste would;
  • It seems to clean your teeth better (at my checkup after using Theodent for a few months, I had more plaque than usual on my teeth, and my dentist recommended I go back to my old paste); and
  • It’s half the price.

And I guess it goes without saying that Be is way better than regular Crest toothpaste. I’ve never bought a tube of Crest since I started buying my own toothpaste. But now I’ve bought 2 tubes of Crest-branded toothpaste: After testing the 1st tube and knowing I would write a rave review, I thought I’d better start stocking up.

I found Be Adventurous Mint Chocolate Trek™ toothpaste at my local Walgreens and CVS.

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Published May 29, 2014