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Drugstore boxed chocolates might be getting an upgrade soon

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The Huffington Post just announced today, July 14, 2014, that Swiss chocolate manufacturer, Lindt, has bought the Russell Stovers company.

Best known in the States as the maker of Lindor truffles (and IMHO the best commercial-grade chocolate bars when your only choices are what’s on the shelves at Walgreens), Lindt doesn’t seem like the type to acquire a company known for drugstore boxed chocolates, but if the goal is chocolate world domination, then maybe it makes sense.

With this purchase, Lindt moves up to No. 3 chocolate producer in the U.S. after Hersheys and Mars. They also own the Ghirardelli brand (since 1998), and with this latest acquisition, they will also acquire the Whitman’s brand.

Fingers crossed this means there will be better chocolate to found across the vast artisan food deserts of America.

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Published July 14, 2014