Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

holographic chocolates

Pretty, shiny chocolates


Add super-special color to chocolates without additives.

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Isn’t technology amazing? A Swiss company has created a way to imprint colorful holograms (like the shiny decal on some credit cards) on chocolate.

holographic chocolates
Fun concept of holographic chocolates from Morphotonix: Imagine the possibilities.

These aren’t printed transfers applied to the tops of the chocolates. Instead Morphotonix etches the molds with the designs, so the chocolates themselves become holographic: the surfaces bend light at specific angles to create the colors. No dyes, no additives, the chocolate makes the picture.

The company isn’t manufacturing chocolate, just the molds for others to make holographic chocolates in. And according to NPR, not all chocolates will work with the molds. The granular size of the chocolate matters, as well as the size of its fat crystals.

Also according to NPR, the molds should become available sometime next year. I hope some of our local artisan chocolatiers give this new technology a try and offer us these unique treats.

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Published July 1, 2014