Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Sutro Tower

Chocolate souvenirs


Treat your loved ones to a new view of our beloved SF.

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SF Landmarks Collection
Recchiuti’s San Franciso Landmarks collection contains 8 truffles in a small square box tied with a soft white Recchiuti ribbon. Surely you can slip one in your carry-on to take home to someone special.

Recchuiti Confections4-cup chocolatier has a new themed chocolate collection that makes a great San Francisco souvenir for dark chocolate lovers. Their latest collaboration with Creativity Explored is a box of burnt caramel truffles decorated with San Francisco landmarks. The artwork by Lance Rivers features San Francisco in a slightly different way than typical images. The four images in the set reflect the artist’s interest in man-made structures and machines.

Authentic San Francisco scenes

Coit Tower is probably the most recognized of the bunch, but I like the others even better: The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park looks like a big, happy jumble. With the building cut off on both sides, you get an idea of its large scale on this small chocolate square.

SF landmark chocolates
The 4 designs in the San Francisco Landmark chocolates, clockwise: Trolley car, Conservatory of Flowers, Coit Tower, and Sutro Tower.

And I love that instead of a cable car, the set includes an electric trolley car. While the cars themselves are not as rare as actual trolley cars; based on SF souvenirs alone, you’d think they were quite exotic. And when have you ever seen a souvenir with Sutro Tower depicted in all its TV tower glory? As a fellow machine aficionado, it’s my fav.

Quality gift

In addition to the unusual SF images, the entire package is very appealing with its clear cover showing off the truffles, soft white bow (less likely to wrinkle on the trip home) and compact square size (you can totally find room for a box or two in your luggage). The Recchiuti name appears in several places, even on the back of the square paper cups the truffles are set in. I only carried my landmark box across the Bay in my purse, but it held up well, as you can see from the top photo. And because the truffles are square, they don’t move around too much in the box, so they arrived in close to perfect condition, even in the heat of the mile walk from the BART station home. (Or what passes for heat here in SFBA.)

And of course, the dark chocolate truffles are quite tasty. I should point out that these are truffles, not caramels, so the burnt caramel flavor is pretty subtle. But if you’re bringing these home to a dark chocolate lover, you will be much appreciated.

San Francisco Ferry Building
San Francisco’s Ferry Building: an appropriate setting for buying the SF Landmarks collection.

For a good cause

The San Francisco Landmark collection is just the latest in a long line of collaborations between Recchiuti Confections and Creativity Explored. Creativity Explored is the San Francisco nonprofit that gives disabled residents a creative outlet and everyone a place to buy unique art at very reasonable prices. A portion of each sale of the San Francisco Landmarks collection goes to Creativity Explored.

And if SF landmarks aren’t your thing, currently Recchiuti also offers a bicycle-themed box featuring artwork from another Creativity Explored artist. Previous Creativity Explored collections featured themes of vegetables, cakes, and toys.

You can order the chocolates online, but I recommend getting them at the Ferry Building if possible and then strolling around the space appreciating its structure too, watching the ferries come in, maybe hitting the farmers market if you happen to be there when it’s on. The experience will make your purchase a real souvenir.

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Published July 14, 2014