Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Xocolate bar logo

The Xocolate Bar

House-made, local, and global chocolate including a selection of made-at-the-source bars

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Xocolate storefront

1709 Solano Ave, Berkeley

Berkeley-North DIY Tour

Housemade & other local chocolate

Local Chocolatier Factory StoreRetail storeThe Xocolate Bar is a Latina-owned chocolatier/chocolate shop started in 2006. They make bars, barks, bonbons, and dipped chocolates on-site, and also carry other chocolate including some local chocolate, such as Ashby Confections, Kindred Caramels, NeoCocoa, Raphio, and Tiny House.

You can buy The Xocolate Bar’s chocolates at their shops, online, other retail locations (check their website), and special events.

The Xocolate Bar’s other location

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Published 30 July, 2019