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Tiny House Chocolate

A bean-to-bar maker with roots in Brazil keeps it simple with as few ingredients as possible but also intriguing

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Brazilian single origins +

Local Chocolatier

Bean-to-bar maker, Tiny House Chocolate, Santa Cruz, founded in 2018 by Brazilians Maiana Lasevicius (herself the daughter of an artisan chocolatier in São Paulo) and Gustavo Hilsdorf, is primarily known for making single origin bars from 4 different regions of Brazil. They also have bars they make from cacao from Tanzania, India, and Ecuador; inclusion bars with flavors like Earl Grey tea, Arabica coffee, and cupuaçu (the Brazilian chocolate-like fruit), vegan white chocolate bars, and some unique “cacao creations” including Cacao Nectar which is made from the pulp that surrounds cacao seeds in the pod.

For their single origin bars, Tiny House uses only 2 ingredients: cacao and organic cane sugar. To make their inclusion and white chocolate bars, they add one or 2 ingredients more. They manage to use all the edible parts of cacao in their range chocolate products from the nibs to the husks to the cacao mucilage (AKA the pulp around the seeds).

Carried by some local markets and retailers like Bi-Rite, Chocolate Covered, and The Xocolat Bar, Tiny House Chocolate products are also available on their website and at some locations around California and the US. Check their website for locations.

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Published 12 June, 2023