Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Recchuiti Confections

Recchiuti Confections: Ferry Building

He started it: Michael Recchiuti was the first artisan chocolatier to make a big splash in SF, and his chocolate is still worth all the hype.

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Recchiuti Confections Ferry Building
One of the oldest and best San Francisco artisan chocolatiers offers lots of quality options in a foodie destination on the waterfront.

Shop #30 in the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero, San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco DIY Tour

A can’t miss destination

Local ChocolatierRetail storeRecchiuti Confections 4-cup chocolatier can be called a San Francisco institution. It’s one of the oldest local artisan chocolatiers, started in 1997, and one of the best. It has an extensive line of chocolate offerings. Their main store is in the Ferry Building. They had a special events space and store in the Dogpatch neighborhood, which have since closed.

It was established by Michael Recchiuti, who had been a pastry chef and branched out into chocolate on his own.

Michael Recchiuti does a lot of chocolate experiments with the best ones becoming part of his line of confections and desserts. Some you can buy here. Others you can watch on YouTube, like:

The full line of Recchiuti Confections are available at the Ferry Building. You can buy boxed sets or individual chocolates to assemble your own set. This is the only way to get a custom box of chocolates – they don’t offer the service online or in other locations.

Also available: bars, chocolate & caramel sauces, chocolate-covered fruit and nuts (dragee), marshmallows, S’mores Bites, and special items like Recchiuti’s book: Chocolate Obsession (signed by Michael himself) and limited edition items like Champagne Truffles (only available twice a year) or Whoopie Cakes, which are similar to southern whoopie pies, but these are rectangular cakes made with burnt caramel buttercream sandwiched between 2 layers of devil’s food cake and covered with semisweet chocolate.


Join their frequent buyer club and earn discounts on future purchases.

Find Recchiuti Confections locally at:

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Published 19 March, 2014