Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Raxakoul Coffee and Cheese logo

Raxakoul Coffee & Cheese

This charming little shop offers so much chocolate I’m surprised it isn’t in their name.

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Raxakoul Coffee and Cheese storefront

1578 Hopkins St, Berkeley

Berkeley-North DIY Tour

Chocolate & coffee & cheese, oh my!

Retail storeRaxakoul Coffee & Cheese is a  coffee roaster and specialty food store with 2 locations that include a LOT of chocolate in their offerings. This location has several shelving units crammed with chocolate bars from around the world plus a good representation of SFBA chocolate makers and chocolatiers.

As the name implies they also carry a lot of coffee and cheese options, plus bulk and packaged teas, coffee drinks, imported food items, and more. Although it’s a small space it will take you a while to work your way around all of their wares.

Raxakoul’s other location

  • 299 Arlington Ave, Kensington

Local chocolate to look for here:

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Published 7 July, 2024

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