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Volo chocolate

Volo Chocolate

Single-origin dark and milk chocolate bars with local inclusions and infusions

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Volo chocolate bars

Windsor, CA

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Farmers Market Vendorbean to bar

Flavored bean-to-bar

Founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife pioneering farm-to-table chefs Jeff and Susan Mall, Volo Chocolate makes Mexican style, flavored bean-to-bar chocolate, in Windsor, CA.

Volo wheels
Volo is Latin for “To Want, To Wish.”

Their chocolate is less sweet, but generally saltier than other chocolate makers’ bars. All of their bars contain sea salt and cinnamon, and their beans are roasted darker than most other makers’ bars.

As chefs, they also market their single origin chocolate as large, 1-lb. wheels for chefs and home cooks to use in the kitchen.

Available online, at special events, farmers markets, and local markets. They also offer subscriptions. We found Volo at Oliver’s Market Stony Point. Visit Volo’s Facebook page for current events they will be at.

CBTB tip

With their beautiful wrappers of quilt art by Katherine Shannahan, Volo bars would make a good gift for knowledgeable chocolate enthusiasts who might not have tried flavored single-origins before.

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Published 10 September, 2019