Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Mutari Craft Chocolate

Single-origin hot chocolate and other chocolate treats from a Santa Cruz artisan chocolatier

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504 A Front St., Santa Cruz

South South Bay DIY Tour

From bean to bottle

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Santa Cruz artisan chocolatier, Mutari Craft Chocolate, founded in 2014, started with single-origin hot chocolate drinks. They now have an expanded line of single-origin and flavored chocolate mixes, plus other chocolate items like truffles, baked goods, and their White Label bars and baking chocolate.

Their “bean to bottle” slogan comes from the fact that in addition to doing bean to bar, their single-origin and other chocolate drink mixes are sold in glass bottles. They opened their Chocolate House and Factory in 2015, and you can get hot chocolate drinks to go, plus shop their other chocolate wares.

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Published 5 January, 2022