Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Charles Chocolates

Charles Chocolates

Come here for the full line of Charles Chocolates

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Charles Chocolates
This location is closed. 

2650 18th St, San Francisco

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Factory Store Local ChocolatierCharles Chocolates was established in 2004 by self-taught chocolatier Chuck Seigel, who has over 25 years of chocolate making experience. The company has gone through several incarnations and currently manufactures its chocolates in SF.

Go to the factory store for Charles Chocolates’ complete line, including house-made baked goods. We especially recommend the paves (not available online): classic French truffles, made with just the essentials: heavy cream, butter and chocolate, then dusted with cocoa powder.

Charles Chocolates also makes bars, bonbons, chocolate confections, and their unique edible chocolate boxes filled with caramels and topped with a decorated white chocolate lid. They also offer a chocolate subscription service in 3 sizes.

Chuck gets inspiration for some of his chocolates from his childhood in Chicago and lifelong trips to Paris. Hence the paves and Chuck’s take on mint meltaways, which were a beloved candy from Marshall Fields, an upscale department store in Chicago when he was a kid. Chuck updated them with flavors like mojito, passion fruit and raspberry.

You should also try their best seller: Triple chocolate almonds, which are almonds coated in milk chocolate, then bittersweet chocolate, then cocoa powder.

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Because they are made without preservatives or even a shell, paves should be eaten first and fast.

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Published 21 March, 2014