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Abusing the term chocolatier


What does it take these days to be a chocolatier?

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UPDATE: Dove chocolate parties were part of the Cocoa Exchange which closed February 2021

I know we stretch the word chocolatier to include many things, but at-home chocolate party host?

It seems that Mars Candy Co. has developed some kits for chocolate parties, and they have set up an entire system for people to sell Dove chocolates at parties they host — like parties to sell designer purses or Tupperware.
The people who host the parties call themselves chocolatiers. Seems a bit much to me.
I think chocolate parties sound like a great idea — maybe our local chocolatiers could use this idea? Offer party packs of their truly delicious chocolate for fondue, candy making, hot chocolate, cakes, etc.? Sounds like fun to me.

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Published February 16, 2010

3 thoughts on “Abusing the term chocolatier”

  1. The Dove chocolate parties are indeed a lot of fun. I am in S. CA and I can tell you, this new venture has but a few chocolatiers (if that) in the greater SF Bay area….so, it’s a great opportunity.

    As for my label, Chocolatier…I attended the Mars Inc. chocolate school, and have had additional training, including at our recent Dove conference at the Culinary Institute in Napa. Not sure if a PHd is required to use the term, but in any case, we have a lot of fun….everything from serving chocolate martinis…tempering chocolate to make creative treats, and showing off our ready to eat gift items.

    Dove is a leader in fine chocolates…with high standards, no animal fats…and doing a great deal of good in the ecological arena to increase chocolate sustainability and standards.

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