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Take a bite out of international crime and save the animals one chocolate square at a time

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[UPDATE Nov. 2021: The blog, Sugar Pressure, is no more.]

The candy blog, Sugar Pressure, had an interesting blurb reviewing PETA’s Bin Laden Bites vegan chocolate squares.

Yes, PETA — as in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — and Bin Laden — as in the mastermind of the 9/11 disasters. To add to the weirdness of this mash-up, the site says the chocolates were developed by PETA to send to American troops fighting in Afghanistan.

I understand PETA offering vegan chocolates that they guarantee contain no animal-derived substances, and I could even understand a support-our-troops-while-promoting-ethical-treatment-of-animals campaign, but Bin Laden Bites? Seems like they’ve veered off the tracks.This could make it into the Weird Candy Hall of Fame. According to the review in Sugar Pressure, the chocolate is better than edible. And if you want to try it yourself, you can buy your own Bin Laden Bites vegan chocolate squares on the PETA site.

The chocolate is pricey, but your money is going for a good cause: PETA uses it to fund their mobile neutering program. I think I understand the Bin Laden Bites now: PETA has a plan to both neuter your pet and neutralize a terrorist.

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Published April 26, 2010