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Sad story about chocolate


Not all chocolate news is good news

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I started the day wrong by reading this article about chocolate and depression, which seemed a bit of a downer.

It describes a study that found that people who are clinically depressed tend to eat more chocolate than the non-depressed. Unfortunately, it can be construed to mean that chocolate eating leads to depression.

Instead, just reading the article made me a little depressed. I hope this doesn’t turn into a situation where chocolate is demonized, and people feel bad about eating chocolate.

All the research really showed is some depressed people self-medicate with chocolate. Instead of shaming people about chocolate consumption (way to help their depression, guys), I say, ‘how clever of you to figure out a way to feel good using something that has so many other health benefits as well.’

(And on a personal note, let me say I’m glad I don’t live in China, where according to the article, the gift of choice to show you really care isn’t chocolate, it’s stuffed snails.)

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Published April 27, 2010