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Who says you can’t eat money?

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In the article, “Candy maker issues chocolate bonds,” CBC News of Canada reports that British confectioner, Hotel Chocolat, hopes to issue 5 million pounds worth of chocolate bonds. As in, you pay them several thousands of dollars upfront for a guarantee of 3 years of monthly chocolates.

Of course, they are British, so the 5 million pounds they are talking about is British money, not literally 5 million pounds of chocolate. And they are serious: There’s a whole prospectus online if you want to consider the possibilities.

According to the prospectus, they plan to use the funds raised to create local manufacturing jobs, work with their growers to develop a sustainable industry, and open more shops across the UK.

Don’t know yet if this will be a successful way to raise money, but maybe some of our local chocolatiers might want to try this idea on a smaller scale (unless someone really needs over $7 million) to fund their own expansion.

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Published May 25, 2010