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tartan chocolates

Mad for plaid


More proof that everything’s better with chocolate on it.

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tartan chocolates
Taste o’ Tartan bars show their Scottish pride.

While Scottish cuisine is widely mocked, perhaps summed up best by the Saturday Night Live skit, All Things Scottish (“All of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare!”), I hope they get their chocolate right.

The Moniaive Chocolatiers are advertising “The World’s First Tartan Chocolate.” Organic and Fairly Traded, it’s made in their shop in southern Scotland and available online.

Taste o’ Tartan bars are hand-painted with purple and green glitter, then drizzled with chocolate stripes approximating a tartan (AKA plaid) used by the Scottish Parliament, according to the Dumfries & Galloway Standard. They are available at the Parliament’s gift shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The article predicts they will make the perfect Scottish souvenir. I have to agree since all I ever seem to get from relatives’ trips to the homeland are ugly brooches of our family crest. (But really, how can you possibly pretty up a dead boar’s head on a platter?) Next time somebody’s heading to Edinburgh, I’m going to request some of these!

The Moniaive Chocolatiers also offer Tiny Tartans, chocolate disks with simpler tartan designs, and their site announces After Dark Tartans (mint chocolate disks) coming soon.

No mention though of custom plaids to match family tartans or molds of family crests. That’s probably for the best.

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Published April 13, 2012

One thought on “Mad for plaid”

  1. As the author’s sister, I can vouch for the ugly crest. Comes complete with big nasty teeth.

    And as plaid adds curves, why not indulge?!

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