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Chocolate – As I live and breathe


Everything goes better with chocolate — even breathing

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For true enthusiasts, chocolate is as essential a part of life as food, water and, well, the air we breathe. We love eating chocolate, sipping chocolate… even the aroma of chocolate can bring about feelings of euphoria. Just imagine if we could actually breathe chocolate.

Enter Le Whif, a new product invented by Harvard professor, David Edwards and his Paris-based design team, Le Labo. Described as “breatheable chocolate,” Le Whif is a lipstick-like cylinder from which you inhale tiny particles of chocolate onto your tongue for an intense chocolate taste sensation. Flavors include chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate and coffee. Each cylinder contains about four or five “whiffs” (Three cylinders cost around $6.75 US plus shipping, etc.).

Le Whif has been getting a lot of press here lately (The New York Times, NPR, CBS Sunday Morning) as it prepares to make its US debut sometime this year. The Le Whif World Tour, which is slated to include a candy show in Chicago, is currently underway as people across Europe have already begun to give “Whiffing” a try.

Could Le Whif  and “breathable food” be the next big taste experience? If you can’t wait for it to arrive in local stores, you can order it from the Le Whif website.

UPDATE 2014: Le Whif is no longer available. The company is now called AeroLife and makes inhalable nutrition(?). They have a chocolate & coffee product in R&D right now.

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Published March 2, 2010

4 thoughts on “Chocolate – As I live and breathe”

  1. The 4 Chocolateers tried Le Whif and DO NOT recommend it. You taste the plastic housing more than the chocolate, which is a weak powder. The mint and raspberry chocolates taste chemical-ly on top of the plastic taste intrusion. Spend your money on real chocolate and support your local chocolatiers!

  2. Interesting. If only someone would crack that problem of how to safely inject chocolate directly into our veins we’d be all set. Really though, this is a pretty crazy and cool invention and I’m impressed that the first article I read on your site told me about something I’d never known. Good reporting, guys.

  3. I love how you write your article it has a poetic sense. But I don’t really get what “breathable food” is. When we say food it something that can satisfy not just physically but mentally too. Does “breathable food” manifest the same?

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