Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

the confectionist

The Confectionist


A self-taught chocolatier makes exceptional bars, toffees, and other treats

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Confectionist Pistachio Orange Toffee
The Confectionist’s Pistachio Orange Toffee is special

Local ChocolatierChocolate perfectionist

The Confectionist, established in 2019 by Seth Bain, a self-taught chocolatier, makes bars, toffees, chocolate covered nuts, and other confections in Albany, CA. Their Pistachio Orange Toffee is a delicious, unique take on traditional nut toffees. In fact, it won Gold for Most Unique in the 2020 Top Artisan Toffee Awards, along with 4 other awards.

The Confectionist chocolates are available online, at special events, and at these locations:

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Published July 10, 2020