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Mary See

See’s good Fortune [article]


Fortune [magazine] smiles on See’s Candies

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In The secrets of See’s Candies, Fortune Magazine raves about See’s Candies, our West Coast institution that’s probably been many SFBA natives’ introduction to locally sourced, no-preservative chocolates. While their focus is on the financial side (Warren Buffet owns it! They are rolling out stores nationwide! It’s got fanatically loyal fans, employees & management!), it’s also got lots of interesting info about See’s history, its manufacturing processes, and fun facts.

With all the artisan chocolate happening here of late, we don’t get to a See’s shop very often anymore for our free sample from the lovely ladies in their cute retro uniforms, but the article reminded me of why I always like See’s: They make good candy that makes for a can’t-fail gift, an enjoyable shopping experience, and a little treat for myself all in one visit.

We wish them all the best in bringing the See’s experience to our East Coast friends.

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Published August 22, 2012