Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Jade Chocolates card

Paper sweets


Not everything in a chocolate shop has to be edible to be sweet.

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Cacaopod & I lived in the Inner Richmond district for 11 years, and it was pretty sweet: sandwiched between Golden Gate Park and the Presidio, 3 beautiful beaches within walking distance, easy transit to downtown, and half a block from the See’s Candies shop and all that Clement St. has to offer.

But now we live a 2-hour walk/transit ride from the old neighborhood and only make it there 2x a year to see the dentist — and for the past 2 years, to visit Mindy Fong and her Jade Chocolates’ shop, conveniently located at the 6th & Geary bus stop.

Jade Chocolates card
A red Jade Chocolates card with a light green bamboo illustration and matching envelope

On our last visit (no cavities!), we stopped by Jade to see what’s new and get some fresh chocolates. After checking out Mindy’s latest truffles and tiles, we spied a group of nature-themed blank cards. Like Jades’ chocolates, they have an Asian flavor; for example, the card I bought has an illustration of bamboo on the cover.

When we inquired about the artist, Mindy told us that she is the artist, using stamps like the ones she uses to decorate her chocolates.

This seems like a great complementary line for her chocolate art — if you are giving Jades Chocolates as a gift, now you can buy coordinating gift cards. And since the cards are blank, you can also use them for lots of other occasions.

They might not be tasty like Jade truffles, but they are still pretty sweet.

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Published September 26, 2016