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Last chance chocolate


An exceptional chocolatier is closing shop, so act fast to enjoy some special chocolate

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I received an email from La Forêt Chocolate announcing that they are closing after 12 years. This is sad news to me because La Forêt makes great chocolates and confections in the French tradition. Wendy Sherwood, La Forêt’s founder and head chocolatier, even makes her own couverture!

spring 2020 allocation
The Spring 2020 allocation featured an avocado & lime piece, a rhubarb crisp piece, and a pineapple & molasses piece

The email announced that the coming allocation will be their last. La Forêt allocations are seasonal sets of bonbons they make for people who pre-order them. They don’t sell bonbons at their shop because they have a short shelf life. Instead, they make these limited edition sets of amazing chocolate.

I’ve ordered allocations before and can’t recommend them highly enough. The creativity and attention to detail are off the charts. If you are interested in a unique chocolate experience that’s also very satisfying, you cannot go wrong with ordering this last allocation.

The allocation is scheduled to ship May 31, and there are a limited number of boxes available. So if you are interested, you should check today to see if you can still order a box. You can order online or give them a call (details on their website). There are 2 sizes to choose from: 16 or 25 pieces, and they come in a pretty box good for gift giving or just enjoying the luxury yourself.

The shop in Napa is open Fridays and Saturdays until the first week of June. Depending on pre-orders, there might be a box or 2 available at the store then. If you are not interested in bonbons, they also make bars, caramel chocolates, orangettes and other dipped/enrobed confections, plus non-chocolate treats like flavored caramels and pâte de fruit — but only for a limited time, so act now.

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Published May 24, 2022