Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

CocoTutti box

Christmas in July


CocoTutti just released their 2011 corporate gifts holiday catalog. Whether you’re a business or just an individual looking for some nice only-in-SFBA gifts, CocoTutti caramels, truffles and bonbons would be a delicious choice.

CocoTutti box
Each layer of CocoTutti chocolates is attached to one side of this deluxe unwinding box.

Prices represent a good value and range from $5 for simple 4-piece packages up to $90 for 64 pieces in a clever unwinding box. Flavors include the deliciously balanced fig in roasted walnuts truffles and orange confit caramels and bonbons featuring their own homemade preserves. Some intriguing new flavors we haven’t tried yet include pistachio-coffee and blackberry. And as always, CocoTutti includes the option of no-sugar-added chocolates. This year they’re made with pistachios, hazelnuts and dried cranberries.

Details in their 2011 corporate gifts holiday catalog (PDF). Contact CocoTutti through, or 415-279-5042.

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Published July 25, 2011