Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Company’s coming!

But check the schedule first — you don’t want to miss out on these confections

Published 27 February, 2023

Sweet Shop

Lots of candies — plus some local SFBA chocolate — in this neighborhood hangout

Published 13 February, 2023

Shekoh Confections

Luxury confections using local ingredients to make global tastes

Published 13 February, 2023

Wine Truffle Boutique

Find wine in your chocolate at this chocolate shop in a winery

Published 13 February, 2023

Blue Canary Sweets

Look forward to snail mail again with a chocolate subscription

Published 12 February, 2023

Chocolates For Change

Definitely no slacker, this young chocolatier donates profits to worthwhile causes

Published 9 February, 2023

Navitas Organics

Organic superfoods including a range of chocolate products for cooking and baking

Published 9 February, 2023