Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Shekoh Confections

Luxury confections using local ingredients to make global tastes

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Shekoh Confections storefront

2305 El Camino Real Unit B, Palo Alto

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Globe-spanning flavors in bright, shiny bonbons

Shekoh Confections was founded by chef Shekoh Moossavi  in 2018. A French-trained chocolatier, Shekoh makes shiny brightly colored bonbons in the chocolate shop she opened in 2022. The bonbons come in a nice variety of flavors including Middle Eastern inspired ones like Persian Rose (rose petal jam & rose water), orange blossom, and saffron. She also makes several spirits based ones, plus ones flavored with espresso, nuts, fruits, flowers, and spices.

Visit the store to buy Shekel’s bonbons, marshmallows, caramels, nougat, and macarons. Visit their café for all of that plus coffee/tea and pastries to enjoy there or to go. You can also buy the bonbons online with the option to select flavors.

Shekoh Confections’ other location

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Published 13 February, 2023