Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

No more skipped breakfasts


Move dessert up to the morning hours if you’re on a diet

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I follow David Lebovitz on Facebook — he lives in Paris, writes cookbooks, and loves chocolate so much he has a Paris chocolate-finding app. And today he posted a link to an article titled, “Chocolate cake breakfast could help you lose weight.”

According to The Telegraph, researchers found that people who added cookies or chocolate to a 600-calorie breakfast of protein and carbs (think bacon, eggs and toast) lost more weight than people on a restricted-calorie, low-carb breakfast over the 32 weeks of their study.

The dessert-with-breakfast crowd lost an average of 40 lbs. more than the suffering low-carb participants. Both groups ate the same # of calories a day, but the low-carb group had more intense sugar/carb cravings that caused them to cheat.

The research shows that by having chocolate in the morning with a balanced hot breakfast, you will be less likely to crave chocolate and other sweets throughout the day.

“Curbing cravings is better than deprivation for weight loss success,” said Researcher/Professor Daniela Jakubowicz,of Tel Aviv University.

OK, all you SFBA chocolatiers, new market: any diners, cafés or coffee shops that serve breakfast — they need breakfast dessert options! And any local chocolate cafés (I’m looking at you, Dandelion): time to add eggs and toast to the menu.

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Published May 21, 2015