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Eat your vegetables


Chocolate and Brussels Sprouts: A match made in Great Britain, of course. Who else would dare?

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In the time-honored tradition of unappetizing-sounding British cuisine, a chocolatier in Yorkshire has come up with Truffle Sprouts: chocolates made with raw Brussels Sprouts as the key flavor ingredient.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail online, chocolatier/professional magician Andrew Simpson has a line of customers out the door eager to try his unique creation. In the article he claims among other things that his top secret recipe takes hours to make, has to be constantly adjusted because each batch of raw sprouts tastes different, and the complete truffles have a shelf life of only two days.

The Truffle Sprout creation story in the article describes the inspiration being a chocolate fountain at a family party and some raw sprouts in the fridge. Mr. Simpson put the two together and proclaimed them “really good.”

Supposedly everyone at the party got into it, so he decided to product-ize his creation and suggests that eating Truffle Sprouts could count as one of your “five-a-day.”

brussels sprouts chocolate
Those green and yellow flecks are bits of raw Brussels Sprouts.

Putting the um… in umami

Now he has customers asking for this seasonal treat each year, and he’s working on his next creation: Marmite Truffles.

Maybe he can claim it could substitute for your B-vitamin supplements.

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Published January 14, 2014