Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Sweet little Easter bunnies


“Cute enough for kids, but made for grown-ups“

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olive oil bunny
We could not resist taking a Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil Bunny home with us.

After sampling Poco Dolce’s dark chocolate with olive oil at the 2013 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon, some of us CBTB chocolateers made the trek to SF’s Dogpatch neighborhood to get our own Easter bunnies.

Bunnies for grown-ups

I usually look for some chocolate & peanut butter bunnies this time of year, but when we stopped by Poco Dolce’s booth at the salon, they were sold out. Instead, they gave us the dark chocolate and olive oil sample to try.

The combination is a great savory treat. Not only do you get the olive oil taste, you feel the viscosity of the olive oil when you eat the chocolate. Different from the expected chocolate-melting sensation in your mouth, it’s slippery.

And who knew that olive oil worked so well with chocolate? If you prefer to dip your bread in olive oil instead of spreading butter on it, you will enjoy this 70% dark chocolate combo more than traditional milk chocolate Easter treats.

Hop on over to Dogpatch

You can buy Poco Dolce tiles and bars in a lot of places around SFBA. (I get them at Market Hall Foods (formerly The Pasta Shop) in Rockridge.) But if you want to experience their full line, you have to make the trip to Dogpatch.

It’s always seemed a bit out of the way — it’s on the east side of the city and very industrial. But with the Mission Bay development and PacBell Park bordering it on the north it’s become an up-and-coming neighborhood. And with the new T line passing right by, it’s easy to get to Poco Dolce’s factory at 2419 3rd Street. So no more excuses. (You can also order items online, and if you order before Easter, shipping is only $5.)

Collect the whole set

It’s worth the trek because there’s a lot more than just the familiar tiles and bars at the factory. You can buy their drinking chocolate, sea salt caramels, toffee squares, seasonal treats like the Dark Chocolate & Olive Oil Bunnies, and non-chocolate confections like peanut brittle.

Poco Dolce factory
Visit the factory to get a little something special from Poco Dolce.

You can even find experimental chocolates too that are not offered online. When we were there, they had “speckled” bunnies of white and dark chocolate swirled together. At the salon, we were told that they are always experimenting with new chocolate ideas, so even if you miss the Easter bunnies, there’s a good chance that whenever you stop by, you will find some unique treat that made the trek worthwhile.

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Published March 27, 2013