Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Mackenzies Chocolates

Chocolate in every shape imaginable (no, not that kind!)

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1492 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz

South South Bay DIY Tour

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Mackenzies Chocolates, founded in 1984, is so packed with chocolates that you might think they’ve just been collecting chocolate since 1984, not selling it. They have 100s (1000s?) of different molded chocolates that run the gamut from the expected-for-a-beach-town sea shells to the esoteric-with-a-local-angle banana slug, along with every animal domestic or wild, it seems.

They also have molded chocolates for major holidays, personal celebrations, hobbies, even zodiac signs. They even have lots of molded chocolate boxes in all sorts of shapes filled with other chocolates. No matter what your interest or gift recipient, you can probably find an appropriate molded chocolate at Mackenzies (unless your interests are more “adult”).

And if you aren’t interested in molded chocolates, Mackenzies also makes chocolate barks, chews, clusters, toffee, honeycomb, rocky road, turtles, truffles, peppermint patties… whew!

With so much variety, you might be surprised that you can’t order their chocolates online nor do they ship chocolate. You have to visit them to get them. On the plus side, when you go you can watch the factory in action at Mackenzies Kandy Kitchen through windows inside the shop.

CBTB tip

Mackenzies is not open on weekends, so plan accordingly.

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Published 26 January, 2022

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