Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Jade Green Mango

Chocolate snacks from Jade


Tasty chocolate treats that are not too sweet

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We four chocolateers at CBTB recently tried a couple of Jade Chocolates snacking chocolates: Green Mango Tiles and Edamame & Chocolate. Both snacks won us over, especially the tiles.

Jade Green Mango & Edamame Snacks
Pick the mango tiles when you want something warm & chocolate-y.
Pick the edamame when you want something crunchy with a hint of chocolate.

Chocolate heat

“Spicy green mango over bittersweet chocolate,” the product description on the front of the tile package, is truth in advertising. The dried mango is mild, as you would expect from green mango, so it’s the spicy heat and dark chocolate that come to the front in terms of taste, but the mango adds an essential chewiness. The spice isn’t too hot, instead it warms your mouth, which adds nicely to the quality chocolate. It’s delicious. And the tiles are a great snack size. An excellent chocolate treat.

Don’t just take our word for it. We heard that they won a 2013 Scovie Award in the Sweet Heat category.

Crunchy chocolate

The Edamame & Chocolate snack is a different animal entirely. Jade dips dry-roasted soybeans in bittersweet chocolate, then rolls them in cocoa powder. The result is reminiscent of chocolate-covered peanuts, but minus any grease from peanut oil. For those of you familiar with mochi (rice cakes) or other Japanese confections, the taste might remind you of kinako, the tan-colored roasted soy flour that’s sometimes sprinkled over mochi and used in other confections.

The edamame snacks have an almost smoky taste from the roasting and a good, crunchy texture, but they are not very chocolate-y. They are more of a savory snack, so they would be good when you want a little something that’s crunchy and not too sweet.

You can order Jade Chocolates online; or if you can’t wait for delivery, check their vendors list to see where you can pick them up yourself.

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Published February 3, 2013