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salami bacon bar

Beyond bacon


I needed a support group to try L’Amourette’s “controversial” bar

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L’Amourette Chocolatier is an SF-based chocolatier which has a line of chocolate bars that includes some unique flavors, like candied pomelo peel (similar to grapefruit), fig and pistachio. But when I saw their Hungarian Salami & Smoked Bacon bar, I thought they’d gone too far. Even so, I had to buy one.

salami bacon bar
Lots to love about L’Amourette flavored bars, but salami is pushing it.

I’ve tried several other bars by L’Amourette, and I find them to be consistently high quality. The bars are big (100g), and the chocolate is delicious. Based on my previous experience with L’Amourette, I figured they wouldn’t offer a bar that wasn’t tasty.

Still, I was scared to try this bar alone. I needed it to be a group experience, so I got a few friends who were game to join me in eating an unusual savory bar, which is called their “most controversial bar” right on the package. We were warned.

On the plus side, L’Amourette bars are perfect for sharing. The bars break easily into even-sized big bites, so everyone gets a reasonable sample. They’re also good bars if you’re watching your chocolate intake: One square is pretty satisfying.

When is savory too savory?

The reactions to the Hungarian Salami & Smoked Bacon bar were across the board. As could be expected, the person who finds dark chocolate bitter wasn’t into it. And one person liked the bar so much, he was happy to take home the remaining pieces after the tasting. Others liked the salty bacon flavor, but found the salami a little off-putting.

To me, it is an odd combo. The first flavor is L’Amourette chocolate, which I love, but then the garlic-y salami comes in, which kinda broke the magic for me. The bar finishes with the salt and smoked bacon flavors plus the chocolate which redeems the bar. But I doubt I would select it again when I like so many of their other flavors.

Lucky for me, I bought a pistachio bar too.
I’ve found L’Amourette bars at Chocolate Covered in SF and Market Hall Foods in Oakland fairly regularly. Their website includes a list of places where you can buy L’Amourette chocolate. You can also buy bars from their online shop.

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Published November 18, 2013