Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area


With a name like Carmel, there should be caramels & chocolate everywhere

Published 18 May, 2010

The non-denominational treat

Move over, chocolate Easter bunny. There’s another spring celebration that’s getting into the chocolate spirit

Published 31 March, 2010

DC: Chocolate city?

Obama may be in the White House, but what’s the state of the city in terms of artisan chocolate?

Published 28 January, 2010

What we need here…

Maybe it’s a good thing we can’t always get what we want…

Published 24 November, 2009

How unusual: Kimchi chocolate

Kimchi is so Korean, they put it in souvenir chocolate for remembering your trip — or gifting to an adventurous/unlucky soul

Published 19 November, 2009

Too good to eat?

Chocolate with good taste. In Paris, mais bien sur.

Published 20 July, 2009