Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Outer East Bay

Beyond Berkeley and Oakland, the East Bay could use some more SFBA chocolatiers

Published 24 February, 2014


In North Berkeley, there are a few chocolatiers and some other shop for local chocolate

Published 24 February, 2014


Berkeley-West artisan chocolate options include an award-winning chocolatier, chocolate makers, and some grocery stores with good local chocolate options

Published 23 February, 2014


Berkeley-East is home to some great chocolate experiences

Published 23 February, 2014


Great chocolate is happening in Oakland, but you’ll need a car to cover all the stops

Published 22 February, 2014


SF’s Bayview district has a growing local artisan chocolate community

Published 21 February, 2014

Sunset District/SWSF

If you’re on the west side of SF Sunday morning, check out the artisan chocolate at the farmers market. Other times you can enjoy some old time chocolate

Published 21 February, 2014

Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights got on the map with a bean-to-bar chocolatier opening shop in 2022

Published 21 February, 2014

Mission District

The Mission District is a top neighborhood for chocolate adventures

Published 21 February, 2014