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Chocolate solves problems


A Korean chocolatier has the equation for success.

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According to the Wall Street Journal’s Korea Real Time blog, a chocolatier in Seoul is offering the perfect gift for Korea’s stressed-out students to enjoy during annual preparations for college entrance exams this month. Ko Eun-su of Piaf Artisan Chocolatier has created a set of chocolates decorated with calculus equations.

calculus chocolates
calculus chocolates from Piaf Artisan Chocolatier

The chocolates are available in sets of 4, 9, and 15 with a booklet that explains how to solve the equations. (I guess if people give you one of the smaller sets, they don’t expect you to get into one of the best schools.)

While I cannot tell if these equations are correct or useful, Mr. Ko has the right background. According to the Korea Herald, he majored in computer engineering before he studied chocolate-making at Ecole Lenôtre in Paris. And since Korea is well-known for its crazy intense competition to get into top schools, it seems right that they would be the first country to offer study chocolates.

You just have to resist eating them before you have the equations down cold. (I think I see a flaw in this concept…)

Maybe instead students should take a box along with them to the exams. These seem like a way-better cheat sheet than blurry scribbles on your sweaty palms. Of course, if you bring them to the exam, the proctor might think you’re bringing a bribe for them.

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Published November 12, 2014