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Eye Candy Chocolatier

This doctor prescribes chocolate!

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Gravenstein Station

6761 Sebastopol Ave., Sebastopol

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This doctor prescribes chocolate!

Opened in 2016 by ophthalmologist/chocolatier Sonja Schluter in Sebastopol’s Gravenstein Station, Eye Candy Chocolatier offers truffles and caramels in slightly dark (55-65%) chocolate.

Eye Candy Door
Right inside the entrance of Gravenstein Station is the door to jewel-box-tiny Eye Candy Chocolatier

Sonja still works as an ophthalmologist by day and makes the chocolates at night in the 9’x12′ shop/kitchen. Eye Candy also makes dipped chocolates, bars and pate de fruit. Preservative free chocolates, some vegan options, and they donate 10% of their proceeds to glaucoma research.

You can buy Eye Candy bonbons and salted caramels online, but to choose from their full line, you must visit their shop.

CBTB tip

Try any of Eye Candy Chocolatier’s alcohol-based truffles. We found them to be consistently good.

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Published 15 July, 2019