Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Ghirardelli Chocolate – Monterey

A local chocolate institution founded during the Gold Rush in SF, this location has some unique chocolate souvenirs

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660 Cannery Row, Monterey

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Local chocolate institution

Cafebean to barRetail store

Ghirardelli Chocolate started by Domenico Ghirardelli during the Gold Rush in SF is one of two local chocolate pioneers (the other being Guittard) still in business today. Ghirardelli was bought by Swiss chocolate manufacturer, Lindt, in 1998, but continues to be a separate brand headquartered in SFBA (San Leandro).

They make chocolate bars, tiles, barks, molded chocolates, drinking chocolate, and baking chocolate. Their chocolates are available in stores nationwide, on their site, and at Ghirardelli Square in North Beach.

This site has fountain service and Monterey branded chocolate souvenirs.

Other SFBA Ghirardelli locations:

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Published 1 February, 2022