Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Chocolatier Blue Logo

Chocolatier Blue – Valencia St.– closed

This location is closed

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904 Valencia St., SF

Mission District SF DIY Tour

UPDATE: July 2015. This location is closed.

Breakfast & Cocktails

Local Chocolatier Chocolatier Blue offers a large selection of some of the prettiest chocolates around with lots of unique breakfast & cocktail themed pieces. Breakfast-themed pieces include cinnamon roll, coffee & donuts, blueberry pancake, and French toast. Pieces inspired by cocktails include mimosa, sex on the beach, and Bahama mama.

Chocolatier Blue Inside
Even in a bad photo, you can tell that these are pretty chocolates.

Chocolatier Blue’s Valencia St. location offers ice cream, baked goods and chocolates.

Other Chocolatier Blue locations in SFBA:

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Published 21 March, 2014