Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

Coco Delice

Coco Délice–closed

Coco Délice closed in 2015.

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Coco Delice
Beyond the unassuming storefront, lots of classic alcohol-based bonbons plus the best peanut butter chocolates in the Bay Area.

1555 Park Avenue, Suite A, Emeryville

Refined chocolate

UPDATE 9/2015: We are sorry to announce that Coco Délice has closed.

Local Chocolatier Factory StoreCoco Délice Fine Chocolates made one of our favorite chocolate candies: peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies. But they were really known more for their well-balanced alcohol-based bonbons. And their Bison Black Magic Beer Chocolates won a 2014 Good Food Award.

Chef Dennis started Coco Délice in 2006 making French style chocolates, which basically means less sweet and more intense flavors than typical American chocolates. In addition, Coco Délice chocolates were very nicely balanced, whether it’s cognac and chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate.

The factory store was tiny – more like a foyer for the commercial kitchen. And the staff was very friendly and helpful. In fact, the last time we visited was as soon as we heard the bunnies were available. They had bunnies ready, but not packaged yet, so they very kindly put together a couple of packages for us while we waited.

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Published 22 March, 2014